The best way to create a website to make money without experience

It is amazing how many blogs are on the Internet today. Possibly even more surprising is how many of them are making money! If you don’t have any online experience and you need a website to generate income, blogging is a good way to start.
1. The best blogging platform on the Internet today is WordPress. They offer many templates that you can choose from based on your business theme. They also offer many tutorials on how to set up your blog. These do not require any specific talents, although there is a certain level of skill to perform them correctly.
You can certainly start a blog with WordPress and use it as a money-making website. What you will appreciate about WordPress is the number of plugins they offer to make your blog more dynamic and efficient.
2. is owned by Google and offers an easy blog to set up in three steps. In literally a couple of minutes, you can write a blog and turn it into your own income-generating website.
This is also a quick way to get approved by the Google AdSense affiliate program. As your Internet business expands, this is one source of income that you will want to have.
For this reason, it is not a bad idea to start a blog on Google and use Google AdSense from the home business ideas beginning. Google also offers ways to improve your blog and even make adjustments to the settings and template you are using.
3. One thing worth noting is that you may want to start your blog using the free WordPress and Google platforms. However, as soon as possible, you should start hosting your blog yourself.
You will need a hosting company to do this. If you are sure that your blog niche is something that interests you and can make you money, you may want to host it from the beginning.
There are many stories of people who Google closed their blogs for various reasons. When you host your own blog, that will never happen to you.
4. One last option that many people choose to make is to set up their blogs for them. There are people who will create a WordPress blog for you for under $ 50. Depending on how much time you have available, this may be a worthwhile option for you.
Hopefully you can see why we think blogging is the best way to build an income generating website if you are inexperienced.